Make videos that make people

"Be confident", "publish consistently", "Be authentic", "Follow this script" is terrible advice that is sabotaging your success on video.  Instead, do this:

1. Get personally analyzed in a 1-on-1 session with McCall to discover which of the 54 potential Charisma Styles you have.

2. Get a new training every Monday made SPECIFICALLY for your Charisma Style.

3. Be unstoppable like these people in your webinars, live streams, and social media, and stop wasting your time with tactics that are all motivation and no substance.
Only 20 people added per week

+60 million downloads
+4 million subscribers
+10,000 attendees
$1,000 ticket price
+25 million downloads
+1.5 million subscribers
+1,000 attendees
+$1,000 price
+500 members
+$2,000/mo access price
Your sales videos aren't converting like they should.
You know you can be better on video.
Your need to improve your watch-time metrics.
You want to use video to build your audience.
You are trying to model other successful people on video... but it isn't working.
People don't "binge" your content.
(in other words, you get traffic or followers, but they watch you once and never watch again)
You are fantastic on camera... except that no one ever buys your stuff.
You are awkward and not yourself on camera.
You want a competitive edge in your Facebook or YouTube ads.
You've been dutifully publishing... with no results.
You want an engaged fanbase
(because what's the point of thousands of followers if none of them like watching you on video).
You want to make more sales over livestreams or Zoom.
You haven't started on video because you would rather do nothing than look embarrassing like some of your peers.
Results from some of our
guinea pig beta testers
What you get:
Work with McCall to discover your exact Charisma Style
Understand your unique Charisma Style that makes you the most authoritative, entertaining version of yourself.  You'll finish with:

✓ A customized workbook, built exclusively to familiarize yourself with your style type.

✓ A "Trigger List", built from your unique Charisma Style and "False Faces" to re-center you any time you stray outside your optimal Charisma Style.

✓ A "Model List", a custom built list based on your Charisma Style of other entrepreneurs you should watch to model their behaviors.

Lifetime access to the recording of your 1-on-1 analysis session with McCall.
Every week get a new training that is made exclusively for your specific Charisma Style on creating incredible video content.
That's right: while other programs give the same generic advice to everyone, we have 54 unique training tracks for each Charisma Style, so your training will be hyper-specific to you.

Tennis players don't train like basketball players - why do we assume that it's a good idea that all entrepreneurs train the same way?  

Each month, you'll finish with:

Training #1 - Authority: Trainings will always focus on moving someone to action.  We'll cover webinars, sales videos, pitching your products live and more.

Training #2 - Compassion:  Trainings will focus on gaining someone's trust and approval.  We'll cover engagement, story-telling, long-form content and more.

Training #3 - Entertainment:  Trainings will focus on getting someone's attention.  We'll cover ads, social media, increasing CTR, watch time, and more.

Training #4 - Q&A:  Our big group Q&A.  Everyone from every style group comes together for a Live Q&A session WITH MCCALL.
Extra Training Resources
--------  GROUP POWER
Practice and get feedback from your specific style group.
No more generic groups!  Grow with people who are just like you!  You'll get:

A private group community of people in your same style group, so every tip and piece of feedback applies to EVERYONE in the group.
McCall highlights the top success stories of the month!
Did a training help you get a big win for your business?  Let us know and McCall will promote your success story and your business to the whole community so they can learn from you... and you can get exposure.
Extra experts at your service
On the 5th monday of the month, we bring in an expert to talk about things OUTSIDE of video: productivity, hiring, design and more!

Next 5th Monday Training: November 28th
Each weekly training has the option to 'opt-in' to a simple accountability follow-up system to help you implement what you learn over the following 100 days.
Charisma Styles is NOT a personality test. 
We didn't invent the 54 potential Charisma Styles... we found them.  But it took us months to do it.

Here's how:

McCall spent months analyzing thousands of hours of video footage from entrepreneurs, asking three simple questions, with very complex answers: How does this subject get people to move to action?  To trust them?  To pay attention to them?
Then for each individual, she painstakingly analyzed every minute of footage, adding data points about:

- Specific trainings she would give the subject in a 1-on-1 setting.
- Recurring mistakes she would correct for the subject.
- Other entrepreneurs that they should NEVER model.
- Several other data points we won't share (can't give away the secret sauce, you know?)

And finally, after our thousands and thousands of data points, we ran it through an algorithm called K-Means clustering.
(this is really some of the code we used on our first run!)
The algorithm parsed all of the data in a way that no human being ever could and "clustered" each subject  into distinct style groups, finding 12 macro groups that could be combined into 54 different sub-groups types.  

And thus Charisma Styles was born: 54 different types presentation styles that entrepreneurs use to move their audiences, along with 54 different presentation training approaches optimized for each of them.
So no, it's not a fluffy personality test.  This is hard science with real impact you can only get from McCall Jones and Charisma Hacking.
Every time I'm watching what she's doing, and I'm like, 'Ah, this is brilliant. This is so smart.'
I have easily 10,000 hours speaking, and I heard stuff from McCall Jones that I've never heard before ...she's extraordinary."
My viewership on YouTube grew 242% and engagement across all social media platforms increased. And more importantly, I feel like I'm finally delivering my message in a meaningful and impactful way."
About Your
Charisma Styles Coach
McCall Jones is the founder of Charisma Hacking, which helps entrepreneurs with two problems:
1.  People don't watch my videos.
2.  People watch my videos, but don't buy.
She has been brought in as a trainer for Funnel Hacking Live, 2CCX, Tiny Habits and more.

She has personally coached multi-million dollar business owners, brand new entrepreneurs, and everything in between, helping them increase conversions, watch-time, and engagement on their videos.

Her unique perspective as a child star, singing with Aaron Carter, acting with Zac Efron, and writing songs with Liz Rose was the start of her developing her video performance methods.

But those methods took an entrepreneurial turn in February 2020, when she attended Funnel Hacking Live, a conference for entrepreneurs, to support her best friend who was speaking.

And when she walked through the venue and saw hundreds of entrepreneurs livestreaming, creating content and selling themselves on video, she thought two things:

...This isn't very good.

...but I could help them.

So that night she registered her domain name, the next day she snagged her first client, and after their coaching session they increased her Facebook Ads CTR from 0.5% to 6%.

And with that first success story, Charisma Hacking was born.  

And since then, thousands of entrepreneurs have improved their businesses through McCall's coaching.
This is how it works:
Step #1 - Lock in your lifelong pricing
The first step is to put in your credit card right now to reserve your life-long pricing to Charisma Styles (we'll never raise your price more than $100/mo, even when we raise it for others).
Step #2 - Add your trainings to your calendars
Every Monday you'll get 1 training that is crafted for your specific Charisma Style.
Step #3 - Schedule your 1-ON-1 Analysis session with McCall
We will have a calendar link for you to schedule a time to get your styles analysis as soon as possible so you can dive into your trainings!.
Step #4 - Participate in the community!
After you are analyzed, we'll add you to micro-communities where you can share what you're learning.  Everyone who participates gets a free t-shirt!
Does that sound MORE than fair!?!  Cool, then reserve your spot NOW, by filling out the form below:
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No.  We don't allow certain niches into our group.  Illegal content, illegal drugs, adult services, pyramid schemes, gambling, predatory loans, hacking... Basically anything that we determine is sketchy or that would harsh the vibes of Charisma Hacking.  If you aren't sure, we'll make sure to refund you 100%, including fees, if we aren't able to accept you.
BOTH.  We have 7 figure business owners AND brand new entrepreneurs WHO love Charisma Styles, because it doesn't teach "beginner tactics" or "advanced tactics"... it teaches tactics that specifically cater to whichever 1 of the potential 54 Charisma Style types you are.
If you do, message McCall on Facebook, or on Instagram, and she'll respond with a written message or video ASAP!
This is truly risk free ...but do you still have questions?
If you do, message McCall on Facebook, or on Instagram, and she'll respond with a written message or video ASAP!
Disclaimer: Participation in this training does not guarantee success.
Success is determined by things you can control (hard work, talent, capital) and things you can't (market forces, disasters, pissing off Zeus).
We use this framework ourselves within Charisma Hacking, and so do our clients, but that doesn't mean those results will apply to you as well or that they are typical.