Be authoritative & entertaining on video... by being yourself.
McCall is revealing all 54 unique Charisma Styles and teaching you how to use your specific style to make people listen, watch, and buy by amplifying your natural, authentic, likeable self.ย  Join us for the upcoming 90 minute masterclass!

It's good.ย  Trust us.ย  It's the same system we use here at Charisma Hacking for ourselves, and the same system that other entrepreneurs love!

And we should mention: you only pay AFTER the masterclass IF you felt like it was worth it!
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You're getting sabotaged by every single presentation coach that says: "be authentic."
What does that even mean?!?

When presentation / video / performance coaches give the advice "be authentic", they NEVER give real tactics.ย 

And then, when coaches DO give tactics, it's always the opposite of "be authentic":

What they actually teach is: "Do what I do and be just like me."

So your success is completely based on if you are similar to your coach.ย 

Best case scenario: you become a cheap, mini-me version of your coach.

But more likely: you fail, and you're out of luck.ย 

That's a bad deal.ย  So please, make a pledge and repeat after me:

"I will never do that to myself again."


Now let's do it the right way:
There is a data-driven, tactical way to be persuasive and likeable on video that IS based on your specific style.
In our upcoming LIVE webinar, I'm breaking down:
  • The full, all-details included, 54 unique Charisma Styles system I personally use.
  • โ€‹The Mega Estimator to help you estimate your own Charisma Style.
  • โ€‹A Live Q&A at the end of the training for you to ask any questions you want!
...AND you don't pay unless you love it.
This is a Must-Attend If You've Ever Thought:
"Audience members don't reach out to me after I'm a guest on a podcast or in a Facebook group."
"I'm qualified, have a great story, and a great solution... why can't I get people to listen to me?!"
"If I have one more guru tell me I have to start doing dances on TikTok to get people to pay attention, I'm going to lose my mind."
"I know I'm supposed to be myself... but what does that even mean?ย  How would I even practice that?"
"I've been publishing, and my content is good... why is my stuff not taking off?"
"I feel like I get too serious or stiff or weird when I talk about my business... especially when I'm trying to sell"
"I'm likeable in real life... why do I turn into someone else on camera?"
"I follow the scripts and trainings of other presentation experts... but when I do it I sound forced or insincere."
"I don't get buyers from my organic content... I'm completely dependent on paid ads and networking."
Every time I'm watching what she's doing, and I'm like, 'Ah, this is brilliant. This is so smart.'
I have easily 10,000 hours speaking, and I heard stuff from McCall Jones that I've never heard before ...she's extraordinary."
My viewership on YouTube grew 242% and engagement across all social media platforms increased. And more importantly, I feel like I'm finally delivering my message in a meaningful and impactful way."
In This Training, We'll Cover
-------- STYLES
The answer to why certain trainings, scripts or tactics only work for certain people.
-------- TRAPS
Each of the the thousands of people I analyze has at least one 'False Face' trap.ย  Want to learn how to find yours?
Russell Brunson's Star-Story-Solution framework has been used to make millions of dollars... but some Charisma Style types really struggle with The "Conspiracy - Lie - Enemy" transition if they aren't exactly Russell Brunson's style.ย  See how Styles completely transforms the way we should present and apply what we learn.
Extra Learning Resources
The second best way to guess your styles
Over 60% of people get 2 or 3 of their styles wrong... unless they use this tool.

The mega-estimator boosts your self-assessment accuracy by about 20%.
--------ย  Q&A
This ain't just a recording... ask questions LIVE after the webinar.
At the end of each session, McCall opens up for an additional 30 minutes for a live Q&A session where you can get direct help from McCall.
About Your Instructor
McCall Jones is the founder of Charisma Hacking, which helps entrepreneurs with two problems:
1.ย  People don't watch my videos.
2.ย  People watch my videos, but don't buy.
McCall was asked to present her proprietary Charisma Styles system at Funnel Hacking Live 2021... but only had 27 minutes of time on stage.

So McCall is taking all of the details she couldn't squeeze into her presentation and turning them into fully developed training resources for all of her followers.

She can't wait to see you at the training!
This is how it works:
Step #1 - Reserve Your Seat
The first step is to put in your credit card right now to reserve your virtual seat to Charisma Styles Masterclass.ย  We will have the LIVE masterclass at 12PM EDT, and Live/Replay hybrid masterclasses at 4PM EDT and 9PM EDT if you can't make it.
Step #2 - Attend The Masterclass
Next, you attend the 90 minute virtual masterclass, and learn the the Charisma Styles for creating engaging, authoritative content that matches your presentation Style.

Remember, you'll also get the in MEGA-ESTIMATOR at the end so you can improve your self-assessment rate.
Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!
At the end of the masterclass, if you donโ€™t feel completely blown away with new, actionable tactics that can turbocharge your presentation style, then just email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the masterclass), and you won't have to pay a penny!
If You Love It, Do Nothing!
But I think you will LOVE the masterclass!ย  If so, then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $47 ticket price AFTER the training is is over!ย  You'll also get access to the recording of the training session forever!

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This is truly risk free ...but do you still have questions?
If you do, message McCall on Facebook, or on Instagram, and she'll respond with a written message or video ASAP!
Disclaimer: Participation in this training does not guarantee success.
Success is determined by things you can control (hard work, talent, capital) and things you can't (market forces, disasters, pissing off Zeus).
We use this framework ourselves within Charisma Hacking, and so do our clients, but that doesn't mean those results will apply to you as well or that they are typical.